Underground Tank Replacement with Roth Tank

Dear Mr. Diaz, 

Recently we hired your company Comm Tank to remove an underground oil storage tank buried in our front yard for many years. We also asked you to install a new aboveground oil storage tank next to our house. Before we signed your contract you visited our site and told us that the work could be done in two days. 

This job gave us great concern because it would have to be done in close proximity to our drilled well and the feeder roots of a large pine tree at the side of our house. We could not afford damage to either of these without suffering grave consequences. From my vantage point, I saw this task as similar to a doctor who had to operate near a spinal column. I expressed our worry to you and the foreman, Carlos Aguilar in person. 

We are not in your business, however, we have done enough work to know when a difficult job must require the following: professional expertise, great technical skill, and workers who work as if this was their own home. These three gifts were delivered to us on a gold plate. Your company is one of the best we have ever hired from start to finish. 

The entire construction team illustrated the qualities mentioned above. They were first-rate. However, every team needs a quarterback or foreman to lead a job to completion. Carlos Aguilar is one of the greatest I have ever seen in my 74 years! To put it simply, he did everything! What amazed me was how many skills he demonstrated with ease, purpose, and perfection. My mother was an artist. So is Carlos! He is a man of serious principle, but also has a pleasant personality. 

He left us here with a masterpiece. He made it look easy and it was a job that wasn't! As his trucks were leaving down our driveway, I actually felt myself missing him because the last time I saw quality like Carlos in America, it was 1959! Many thanks for your entire company staff's professional excellence, et al. With Carlos you won't need Tom Brady in the future. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Many thanks. 


William J. Lewis 
P.O. Box 368 Rehoboth, MA 02769

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