Can I transfer the oil to a different oil tank, like a neighbor or summer home?

CommTank offers an oil tank pump-out service. This is a practical choice for homeowners that have a large heating oil tank (330 to 1,000-gallon capacity) that is full and prefer to transfer fuel to a new tank or a neighboring home. Most residential basement oil tanks have a 275-gallon capacity. We don’t recommend transferring oil below the 1/3 level of the tank because of sediment that accumulates near the tank bottom. This sediment will clog fuel filters quickly and require extra service calls to clear the lines and restart the oil burner. If you compare the value of the remaining oil to the cost of transferring the fuel, the transfer could be cost-prohibitive. Our crew must perform an inspection of the tank they will transfer the oil to, and ensure the tank is up to code. This step is important because CommTank takes on the liability when delivering to a different location. Time must be added to the project due to the fuel transfer, as well as the distance traveled to deliver the fuel.